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亚洲城娱乐复习之 序数词 名词 to do

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2016年亚洲城娱乐新课标I 语法填空真题 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Chengdu has dozens of new millionaires, Asia’s biggest building, and fancy new hotels. But for tourists like me, pandas are its top____61_(attract). So it was a great honour to be invited backstage at the not-for-profit Panda Base, where ticket money helps pay for research, I_____62_(arrow)to get up close to these cute animals at the 600-acre centre. From tomorrow, I will be theirUKambassador. The title will be __63___(official) given to me at a ceremony in London. But my connection with pandas goes back ____64__ my days on a TV show in the mid-1980s,_65_ I was the first Western TV reporter__66___ (permit) to film a special unit caring for pandas rescued from starvation in the wild. My ambassadorial duties will include ____67_(introduce) British visitors to the 120-plus pandas at Chengdu and others at a research in the misty mountains of Bifengxia. On mu recent visit, I help a lively three-month-old twin that had been rejected by _____68_ (it) mother. The nursery team switches him every few __69__( day) with his sister so that while one is being bottle-fed, __70____ other is with mum-she never suspects. 2016年亚洲城娱乐新课标I 语法填空真题参考答案 61. attraction 62. was allowed 63. officially 64. to 65. when 66. permitted 67. introducing 68. their 69. days 70. the 序数词/最高级+名词+to do 1、摈弃 “序数词/最高级+名词+to do”的概念 2、主语是序数词或被the next修饰的名词,其后用to do 3、...(序)+名+ (do) to do:后时性 主:to do 将来: 完成被动:Vpp 被:to be done 4、主+系+表+ (do) to do:先时性的一次性动作 主:to do = to have done 被:to be done = Vpp (= to have been done) 注意:4中若名词前还有其他修饰语,被动常为:Vpp 5、表示被动时若名词后出现副词,则用过去分词: 序数词/最高级+名词+ 副词+ Vpp (do) 1. The first textbooks written (write) for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century. 2. He was the first ever non-British photographer invited/to be invited (invite) to snap a royal. 3.The best way devised to solve this problem needs to be reconsidered.(devise) 4.She’s the only scientist to have won/to win three Nobel prizes.(win) 5.The first man invited got badly injured half way.(invite) 6.He was the first man to fly/to have flown across the Pacific.

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